Perception is everything

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the air is different here.

I get to have my cubanitos and cafe con leche whenever..

watch the sun rise over the city every morning..

and best part - being 10mins from the beach..

It was worth it.


#anothershamelessselfie hidden because I was too scared to post it. It took me years (still building) this kind of self esteem, and no one is going to push it back down. YES I am on the chunkier side of the spectrum but ya know what? I AM MOTHER FUCKING PRETTY! SO I’m going to shamelessly post my face up every chance I get. So to anyone who feels ashamed or maybe even scared because of what people might say…don’t be! POST YOUR FACE UP! #shamlessselfie it up on my newsfeed! None of these followers pay your bills or hand you a check if it makes them annoyed or uncomfortable they can quickly unfollow and no love will be lost!


For the first time in my 28yrs on dad remembered and gave me a call on my birthday. 😳 👏👏👏