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For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again… (Proverbs 24:16, NIV.)

Life is full of things that try to push us down. We all face disappointments and setbacks. Maybe you received some bad news about your health or perhaps a relationship didn’t work out. That was a setback. It’s easy to get discouraged or lose your enthusiasm or even be tempted to just settle where you are. But if we’re going to see God’s best, we have to have a “bounce back” mentality. That means when you get knocked down, you don’t stay down. You get back up again. You have to know that every time adversity comes against you, it’s a setup for a comeback!

Remember, as a believer in Jesus, the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives on the inside of you. There is no challenge too difficult, no obstacle too high, no sickness, no disappointment, no person, nothing that can keep you from your God-given destiny. If you stay in faith, then God will turn what was meant to be a stumbling block into a stepping stone, and you’ll move forward in strength, full of faith and victory!

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i hardly know your
name anymore, let alone
the taste of your lips.

—    "three years on (a haiku)" by typical treatment. (28 july 2014)


I asked him before I left
Did I hug you enough? Kiss you enough? Tell you I love you enough to last until next time?
He smiled and said yes

He fell asleep before me last night
And I stroked his head and his ears and his beard
Kisses his face until I fell asleep too.